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From: Dash Jarrod
Subject: Force of One 2Disclaimer: This story is totally fictional. If the character resembles
anyone from your life, that is just coincidence. Any celebrity involved in
this story may or may not be homosexual. If you are under 18 please don't
After the phone call with my parents, I was shown around the school. It
was really big and I was totally confused about most of it, although I
didn't voice my confusion. I figured it was best, at this point, to put up
one of my facades and act like I knew what I was doing. I seem to put up
facades a lot; they mask what I am really feeling at the time. Now, let me
clarify something about myself. I am gay but not that many people know that
about me. I don't let anyone get close enough to me to know that fact. I
think I do that because I don't want to get hurt, but it could also be
because I am way too shy to let people into my world. I guess that is why I
value what little friends I have.
After my little tour, I was led back to the professor's office because he
had more he wanted to say to me. I was apprehensive about that considering
who he was and what his power was. It turns out I had nothing to fear, all
he wanted to polish preteens say was that he was going to have Dr. Henry McCoy have a look
at me. I asked what for. He said it was to determine what exactly my power
or powers were. I understood why he wanted to know redhead preteen models this, and I wanted to
know as well. I think he wanted to know for a different reason than I did
but that's fine.
The tests were very complicated. And there were a ton of them that had to
be done. It took the rest of the day to complete them. After preteens sex gallery the tests, I
asked the doctor when he would know the results. He said that he would know
the results by tomorrow this time. He also said that he would let me know
as soon as he found out. For this I thanked him and then headed back to my
room. I did this without getting too lost, although I did stumble down some
wrong hallways once or twice. But in the end I got to the right place.
For some reason, the dream did not come back this night. I don't know if
that is a good thing or a bad thing. Because of that dream I became aware
of my powers. I don't know for sure but I believe that the professor became
aware of my dream and sent wolverine and gambit to go and find me. Now that
is only speculation on my part though. When I woke up in the morning, the
first thing I did was try and find out where they served breakfast. While
wondering around trying to find this place, I ran into wolverine, he was
able to explain to me where I was supposed to head. Although, he went with
me this time because he was heading down that way as well.
It was during breakfast that I found out just how varied my powers were.
It turns out that I have the ability to control the weather, I am telepathic
as well as telekinetic, I am pyrokinetic, I was able to control the magnetic
field and I also had a healing factor. This was all that was known at the
time. Although as I got older, more powers might develop. I asked how they
knew this.
Doctor McCoy explained that sometimes mutants have latent powers that
develop over time. Sometimes stress or other things like that cause a power
to show itself. I was like oh great; depending on what is going on in my
life at the time I could develop a power that I have no way to control.
This excited me to know end. Oh well, I would deal with it when and if it
came up.
After I talked with Dr. McCoy, I went up to Professor X and asked him what
I was supposed to do today. He then gave me my schedule. In the morning I
had classes to deal with and in the afternoon I would be working with some
older mutants to become adept at using my varied powers. I knew I was going
to dread my morning but my afternoon would prove preteen asian girls to be interesting. The
only good thing preteen hymen virgin
about my morning was that I got to see some of the cute
students that were going to the school. There was this one kid named Andrew
that really caught my attention. I sat next to him in my chemistry class
and was really taken with him. I must say that he was hot, and he had
amazing eyes. I just love his eyes. I don't know if I will be able to get
him out preteen eva ionesco of my mind. He is just so awesome. Hopefully I will be able to
manage in the rest of my classes and in my training sessions. As it turned
out, Andrew was in a few of my other classes. This did not help me much,
but it gave me quite a few chances to stare at him without his knowing it.
Hopefully I won't get caught staring. I don't know him well enough to be
able to determine what his reaction would be if he were to find out I was
gay. Of course I hope it would be positively, but if he reacted badly bbs pthc preteen
would just ignore him as much as possible.
The morning went well, for the most part. When russian preteen nudiest I got my lunch, I had no
idea where I was going to sit. I was all set to sit by myself, but Andrew
came and asked preteen hentai images if I would like to sit at his table. I was like sure. Even
if I didn't have a major crush on him, I would have loved to have sat with
him considering he was basically the only person I knew at that point in
time. I was trying not to let myself read too much into his action. He is
probably just being nice to the new kid.
The afternoon was interesting. The first person I met with was Jean Grey.
She is the person who is going to be helping me with my telekinesis and
telepathic abilities. Although, every once in a while the russian preteen jpg professor will
take the telepathic part of the instruction. I preteen art had to ask whether it was
true that she was one of the most powerful minds in the world and she said
it was. This awed me because she was so down-to-earth. She was probably
one of the nicest people I have ever met. It was then that she started to
try and teach me how to use my telekinesis. The first thing she said was to
memorize where everything was in the room right at the moment. The next
thing she said was to close my eyes and picture any one item in the room in
my mind. After I had done this, she told me to imagine lifting it with my
mind. To further explain this she said that I should imagine putting an
invisible hand under it, that invisible hand was the telekinesis at work. I
did just as I was told, and all of a sudden I heard her say good job. I
opened my eyes and saw a table floating in midair. She said I was a natural
and that I should try more than one object now. I did and it wasn't any
more difficult than only one object. She was surprised at how fast I got
the concept of telekinesis and that that was all that she had planned to do
for today so I was free to go and hang out with the students if I wanted.
Right as I was leaving she mentally said that I had done a great job for my
first day using my powers. I thought back a thank you and left, but if she
got it I don't know.
I decided to outside and see what the students were up to at this point.
When I got outside, I was amazed to see just how many students there were.
I saw most of them doing normal teen stuff, but a few of them were using
their power to do that stuff. I just went and sat down at preteen photo post
one side of the
yard and started to think about my life and how much it had changed in such
a little time. One week I was your normal teen in college and the next I
was a preteen thong models mutant with quite a few talents. I was sitting there for a while just
thinking and observing when hot preteen all a sudden there was a hand on my shoulder.
It startled me and I visibly jumped a few inches. After I had settled down,
I noticed that it was Andrew. This surprised me. I wondered why he wasn't
out playing with his other friends. He seemed to have so many friends I was
amazed. I must have been projecting my thoughts because he all a sudden
answered that I looked lonely and he thought he would cheer me up by coming
and joining me. I was very grateful and told him so. I then told him that
all I was doing was thinking. This seemed to interest him. It was then
that I asked what his mutant ability was. He said he was a mild telepath.
This made me smile because that was one of my abilities. I then figured I
might as well list for him the abilities I was told I preteen hard galleries have. To say the
least, he was impressed with the list I gave him.
A thought crossed my mind as we were heading to dinner. The thought was
that I should tell him that singapurian preteens I was gay. I was really scared about doing
this, especially after just meeting him. I decided to bury my fear and tell
him. I finally just said, "Andrew, I'm gay".
Well, that's the second chapter. Please email me with your comments. I
would love to hear from everyone. Who do you preteen hentai images think the celebrities should
be? In what way will Andrew react to Matt's statement, you will just have
to wait and see next time.
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